OOMA. Object of my affection

A better, more human way to buy

We set out to build the kind of online curation service that we would want to use. So, apart from showcasing and selling a select range of products & art pieces we also want to :

Build relationships with suppliers that have a proven sustainability track record.
Assign an account manager to each customer (one contact for all issues).
Erase all security fears that exist around online buying;
So keep your credit card in your wallet, pay via internet banking within 7 days after delivery and return your goods for a whole year if you're unhappy with your purchase.

To know it is to love it

What good is a brand if it hides dirty secrets in its supply chain? We source products & art pieces and work with brands that are a pleasure to get to know. We figure that a sustainable brand not only offers products that are pleasurable to use but also adds social and environmental value at every point in its supply chain. It is about thoughtful design at every turn.

Buy better, buy less

We all appreciate beautifully designed products & art pieces but our current culture of rampant consumption is not sustainable. If more people embrace the philosophy of "Buy better, buy less", we will put pressure on manufacturers to be more mindful of their design approach and use of resources.

Community buying power

We also want South Africans to be able to tap the network effect of a community to source innovative, sustainable products, instead of relying on the limited vision and jaundiced agendas of large retailers. What this means in real terms is that you will benefit from the buying power of the entire user base and will be able to share shipping costs with like-minded people.

The OOMA team

Patrick Carmody

Patrick has worked in ad agencies as a strategic planner, as a brand consultant and as a lecturer in the field of brand leadership. He co-developed the concept of the healthy brand and is taken by the simple networking power of technology.

Rich Armstrong

Rich is a creative maven; He designs, animates & codes end-to-end expereiences. He's a believer in simplicity and is adamant that there's a better way to live & work.

Naretha Pretorius

Naretha has over 15 years worth of experience in education and brand communications, being a multi-disciplinary individual practicing as an artist, but also as a strategic thinker, brand consultant as well as being an educator and ‘organiser’.

Well, we think there is a better way to
do commerce & OOMA is us trying it on